Paper Chief of the Rainbow Family


This document below is the ROOT of the government's declaration of Rainbow Family being a group. This document was accepted into court as Exhibit A for the Forest Service, Texas 1988, in Magistrate Court, and was accepted as fact by Justice Justice. I testified pro se, in my own defense, against this document.

When it was shown to me, I realized that if I said it was false... it would be a test of perjury on the part of Michael John.

My reply was "I believe that Michael John believes this, but I don't believe it." (his beliefs versas mine)

I do not accept this document as valid in any way. I have spoken to some of the signators of the page attached to this document and most of it, except for portions of the paragraph 1. they were completely unfamiliar with it... and none I have spoken to agreed with "The Rainbow Family Tribal Council is the governing body of the Ramily Family Gathering", (as in some sort of government) or who made Michael John 'chief' or "fiduciary".

P.E.A.C.E. Village is a concept i introduced and sponsored and this had NOTHING in common with the concept "RAINBOW NATION" (which is nationalistic and exclusive in nature) excepting these concepts mingled among persons who attended Gatherings. Positive Energy Alternative Community Environments is what P.E.A.C.E. stands for...

Michael John, as far as I know, wasn't at Colorado 1972... but i don't care so much about that rap, persons can claim they were at Gatherings... no biggie...

This 'council" supposedly appointed Michae3l John or acknowledged him as 'Rainbow Pope' or "head priest"... AND keeper of the 'sacred cash"... other than 'fiduciary", Michael John IS "keeper of the council feathers (gavel), holy water, a conch shell which calls the council to meet,"

This same conch shell is mentioned in the Judge's Pennsylvania Opinion, as if the "Rainbow Guide" i.e. "Rainbow Nation directory", is the GOSPEL of the Rainbow.

Talk about 'power of attorney" being snatched from your grasp... All court decisions are based on the reference of Rainbow Tribal Council issuing this statement, in 1987, unbeknownst to all but a few persons, and Michael John. Forest Service regularily quotes this piece of paper...(dug from the files, thank you Attorney Brian Michaels, Eugene, Oregon).

This sad statement, unknown among thousands of people, perhaps millions worldwide, robbed from the individual people, who come to gatherings any semblance of independence or civil rights to be treated with due process as individuals. Since the introduction and acceptance of this document has come the regulation concerning 'designated signer", which the government wants the 'religious" "group" "Rainbow Family" complete with governing body, presided over by our "spiritual focalizer in the area of the healing arts". To accept any version of 'Rainbow Tribal Council" as 'decision-making" and binding on all attendees, is to accept this document as truth.NOT!

Barry, plunker, montana

Here is This is Michael John's response about this recently unearthed document, where he denies it is an "official Rainbow Council Consensus".

Declaration Of Members Of Rainbow Tribal Council

We, the members of the Rainbow Tribal Council meeting at Tapoco, North Carolina in the Nanatahala, a National Forest, hereby declare:

  1. The Rainbow Tribal Council is the governing body of the Rainbow Family Gathering. Gatherings have occurred annually and quarterly (on a regional basis) since1972, each time in a different national forest in the United States of America. Rainbow gatherings occur so like-minded individuals, dedicated to peace, fellowship, love, happiness, harmony and a holistic relationship with the earth can gather together and communicate their plans, hopes, dreams, aspirations and purposes so that the aspirations of our cultural movement can be actualized. This celebration climaxes with a single large assembly on high noon, July 4th.

  2. Michael John, who we are informed and believe and hereon allege is also known as Eugene Earl Hector, has been one of the chief organizers of the council and gatherings since 1972 and is one of the focalizers, and has been since that time. Among his many reponsibilities are, keeping the daily circle organized and organizing the main meditation on July 4th noon. he founded and has published the Rainbow Nation Directory (since 1977). As part of his duties, Michael John has been the keeper of the council feathers (gavel), holy water, a conch shell which calls the council to meet, and related items connected with the gathering and its practices. He has and continues to be the spiritual focalizer in the area of the healing arts, an integral aspect of the Rainbow Family Gatherings.

  3. One of the goals of the Rainbow Nation has been and is to have P.E.AC.E. Villages throughout the United States of America. P.E.A.C.E. stands for Positive Energy Alternative Cooperative Environments. In the last few years, Michael John has been actively pursuing the establisment of a hot springs peace village in the Idaho area. To our knowledge, he has solicited and collected substantial contributions for this, either as outright contributions or as activities of the Rainbow Nation, including but not limited to funding the gathering, publication of the Rainbow Nation directory, the healing caravan and workshops. We are also aware of one large contribution which would have to be returned to its owner if the hot springs peace village would not actually be purchased. That individual is Mr. Whitney Lowman.

  4. We are aware that on or about April 23, 1987, in Valley County, Idaho, law enforcement authorities seized monies from the home of Michael John. Included in the monies seized was the sum of $17, 000.00 which belongs to the Rainbow Nation outright. We hereby claim ownership to this money and request its immediate return to Michael John as fiduciary. We are also awre inthat same smoneyh was the sum of $15,000.00 which had been held by Michael John for the above-mentioned Mr. Lowman.

We declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoning is true and correct except as to to those matters stated upon information and belief, and as to those matters, i believe it to be true.

Executed at Tapoco, North Carolina on July , 1987

(on seperate page is the signatures of 11 people - apparently the "Rainbow Tribal Council" who made this statement - for sure, not one of them i have spoken with concerning this was aware of the money scene nor the fact Michael John was being appointed "chief" etc.)