MJ's Reply: Paper Chief of the Rainbow Family

This is a reply Michael John wrote when asked recently about This document supposedly making him the "Rainbow Pope".

Every edition of the guide has a disclaimer that it is only the opionion of the people who put it together.

As for the document, Several people signed that document for me but it had no credence as a council document. I have made a mistake using those numbers and that event to describe the money I held at the time of my arrest and what I did as a player at the gathering. I am sorry that the government has taken a hold on that paper and reuses it. Maybe a document by me to the court describing that money and my role holding it was personal to me at the time.

Many of the things which are described do not exist as family items any longer nor has any feather been used of late. As for a council at one event holding any other group decisions is also rediculous.

I submitted a document claiming the money I collected and Lowmans money trying to get it back. the government has streched it into its own ends.