Where the Gathering will be in 2004

This year the North American Rainbow Gathering (hence referred to as the Gathering) will be California from July 1 - July 7, near the town of Madeline.


The weather at Bear Camp Flat during Spring Council was rain mixed with snow. Please, anyone considering coming home at this time, be prepared, good shelter, warm clothes and adequate foot wear. Here's a link to a weather station in that rough aread.(Till I find a closer location)

A link to the site via MapQuest (zoom in to see local roads) is here. A brother in Redding has made some better maps showing the roads by the gathering. You can grab those from Richard's Page. My local copies (these are big files) are here and here

A link to the topographical map for the site is here

An air photo is here

Here's a few photos of the site:

Spring Council is asking all kitchens to bring at least 200' feet of black 3/4 inch hose line. Hawker is recommending 500' of 3/4 black pipe, one 3/4 to 3/4 splice, 1 3/4 barb to 1/2 inch female NPT fitting and one 1/2 female faucet and hose clamps.Also helpful to tap the spring is a 2 1/2 g bucket with a 1g coffee can inside and a bunch of cheese-cloth and/or plastic screening. Also needed are plenty of 55g and larger food grade water containers with spigots on the bottom. Pictures of the kind of line needed can be found at Black Pipe Example Additional information on the water system used to purify water for this year is here. Clean water helps keep us all healthy! A PayPal account has been opened by Hawker to help cover the cost of the filters, and other expensive parts that need replacement every year.

Stone from CALM has also setup a paypal account for CALM supplies. Go here for that page.

It has also been suggested that with fire conditions the way they are, cooking on propane where possible is probably a good idea.

There's a small regional bus service called "Sage Stage" that runs from Reno airport up through Madeline and Likely for $22. Currently only runs on Mon. and Thursday. Leaves 1:30pm at the Reno Greyhound, and 1pm from the Reno Airport. Arrives in the Madeline area 4:30, Likely at 4:45pm. They say they may add more trips if there's demand. You can call them at 530-233-3883.

Ignore all rumors of cancellation or organization! Live Lightly with the Land and People!

Happenings at the Gathering

There are many wonderful things that happen at a gathering, but I'll list a few highlights. Remember the concept of "Rainbow Time", and that any semi-scheduled event will start when it starts, and not necessarily by the clock.

For more information about Rainbow Gatherings, here are some more documents.

Other Sources of Information

Now that it's Spring Time, the Forest Service is cranking up their disinformation propoganda machine. While the USFS tries heavily to freak out the locals about the coming Gathering, usually the result is no where as bad as they try to lead folks to believe. Here's a few general media articles looking back on things from the perspective of a year later.

Ride Shares

Last updated June 22, 2004