June 28, 2003

To: Steve Ryberg
District Ranger, Evanston Dist.
Wasatch-Cache N.F.

Re: Letter and Orders Of June 27, 2003

Dear Ranger Ryberg:

I have received you letter concerning Immediate Partial Suspension of Special Use Authorization, and Forest Supervisor Thomas Tidwell's Orders concerning Occupancy and Use.

1) Both the orders and the terms of your letter are being complied with fully.

2) There is already in place an entry and egress plan designed to allow essential service vehicle access; and to prohibit non-essential vehicular traffic onto or along Forest Development Road #307.

3) As determined at the morning meeting of June 26th with Incident Command, Utah Hwy. Patrol and Summit Co. Sheriffs:

a) Areas off-limits to vehicles will be kept clear.
b) A communications process has been established to assist law enforcement by providing "Community Policing" to defuse any potential disturbances.
c) A process has been established for Shanti Sena Neighborhood Watch to monitor potential problems to help assure officers will not be interfered with.
d) Information and Shanti Sena have communicated the seriousness of this to participants at Main Circle and Info and elsewhere throughout the encampment.


(signed) Garrick Beck