June 29, 2003

1. The single most damaging ecological factor on site: The horses.
A. They tromp them thru the streams, damaging stream banks, disturbing silt, and doubtless harming the Cutthroat Trout population.
B. They mush their hooves far deeper into the trails soil than people's feet do, making a much muddier- and significantly harder to reclaim and rehab - trail system.
C. They defecate regularly in all types of locations: near kitchens, on trails, near running water, etc. This is an unacceptable health hazard for the individuals assembling. So far, there is no record of any mounted officer picking up or burying their horse's excrement. This is an abusive practice toward the land and the health of the human population, and the individuals' ability to rehab trails later, and this has to stop immediately.

Therefore, I am formally requesting an amendment to my permit specifying:
A forest closure for all horses where there is no vehicular traffic.

A term or condition on the Operating Plan that:
1. All horses are kept out of streams.
2. All riders pick up and either carry out, or bury, the horse excrement.

2. Dogs

The forest closure that was instituted on (I believe) the afternoon of Sunday June 22nd (Lynn says it went into effect June 24th) came right before the intensive snowfall on the encampment. Concentrating on keeping people warm, dry and sheltered became the paramount concern of everyone. With all our focus on simple health and safety thru the storm, and most people "hunkering down" to weather it out, communication on most other subjects were near impossible.
To comply effectively with the newly instituted dog-leashing requirement I am formally requesting:

1. A seventy-two hour period to convey this closure order's stipulation.
2. That any citations issued thus far for off-leash dogs be rescinded.
3. That for the next 72 hours warnings only be issued for off-leash.

3. Request for Health Dept. and Resource Dept. (of the F.S.) determination of kitchen location.

A. One kitchen in particular (Yo Mama) has located in an area less than the technical requirements.
B. I am requesting a review by health and resource personnel to determine whether this particular location is in fact a resource debility/problem.
C. If it is not, I am requesting a waiver for this single location.
D. If it is determined to be a real resource problem I am requesting a 72 hour (considering the 11+ inch snowfall!) time frame from notification for re-location.

(signed) Garrick Beck