Reply: Paper Chief of the Rainbow Family

This is a reply Barry Plunker wrote about the document used by the Forest Service in many court cases, that tried to prove the Rainbow Family has a leader, and that we are an "unincorporated organization", which is so far from the truth. The document refered to here is an obvious forgery.


The real "weight" of this document is in the fact it has been repeatedly quoted, in every single federal case against any individuals over gathering issue... and is a prominent feature in the latest penn. Opinion... i.e. conch shell shall be blown three times etc...

This individual's version of 'Rainbow Family" is the ONLY accepted version of "Rainbow Family"... try as I and many others have done, over the years, and in various cases... the court ONLY accepts Michael John's lawyer's version... of what 'Rainbow Family" is...

The signatures are attached, but no mention of the words in the actual document are on the signature page... my theory is the lawyer who wrote this and entered it into court, simply took signatures from a statement made at the gathering and signed by these 11 people, and attached it to another particular statement... note the word "(gavel)".

It is a very powerful document because it is the rock foundation document of the government's case that 'rainbow family' is an 'unincorporated association" rather than a consciousness movement, or expression, or expression of a cultural minority. I tried and Joseph Knecht, another pro se defendant in Texas 88 both tried to block this paper... to no avail.

Exhibit B was the document from North Carolina, signed "under duress"... it perhaps had some "weight" and exhibt C was the document from 'Encyclopedia of American Religions" concerning Rainbow Family of Living Light, which I also testified as being inaccurate... just another persons's version of it all.

In al these years, try as i or others may, this 'chain of credibility" of this document has never been sucessfully challenged. it proved to the Government that there is "organization" and no matter what others may contest, the government has fixated on this document, which after all when things are said and done is some one person's "belief" or 'fantasy' about their position in it all, and what gatherings are about...

Gatherings allow for every person to have their place on the common ground, and any person can be who they want to be, in their own mind, and even in the minds of others, but for the government to Give Authority of the magnitude they have, to some document that describes a "focalizer" as a 'chief', and to listen to no other attendees version is extremely significant and is the crux of the entire problem.

The signature names are somewhat readable, an effort could be made to obtain affidavits, it may be worth the effort...

Any other ideas, or maybe an affidavit from this Michael john, concerning the fact it is only his lawyer's version, may also be helpful. I believe when asked in the past concerning this matter, no adequate reply has been forthcoming. i believe M.J.'s 'clarification" to a court concerning this trip being ONLY his lawyer's version, and his alone, would be helpful.

If someone could contact Michael John and ask him for such a document... and of course, i would hope he would mention, for the record, that "Rainbow Nation" "p.e.a.c.e. village" has had only a loose "affinity" to P.E.A.C.E Village... and only inthe sense the two projects were "conceptually" similar, i.e. a Village concept, however, "Rainbow nation" concept as practiced by Michael John is anti-thetical to the entire concept of P.E.A.C.E. Village as i wrote it, and offered it to the people of the world.

"Rainbow Nation, as a directory or "Guide" etc... has not or ever been accepted as being something OF the "Rainbow Family"... again, only something ABOUT "rainbow family', by some people.... Anyone can have a definiton...

And when i wrote the Invitation, to First Gathering, in 1972... and as i have lived and practiced, flying the 'Rainbow" colors, nowhere in my belief, practice, or lifestyle, nor in any way is the concept of a "Rainbow Nation", complete with 'governing body' have a place.

The concept 'Rainbow nation", itself is exclusive in tone and in fact, portrays a select number of persons, is seregationist and seperatist. it is anti all that I have ever envisioned 'Rainbow Family' or "Gathering' to be, and it is NOT prophecy or valid in my spiritual understanding of New Jahrusalem. And the money trip is again, to me, NOT of New Jahrusalem, and not Gathering...

I have struggled for years, with persons who would have 'Rainbow Family" and 'Gatherings' be an activity of "gurus - focalizers' and 'devotees - newbees". to me, a 'focalizer" as 'chief' is similar in practice to the ANCIENT "master-devotee" SLAVE SYSTEM which I and many other individuals have struggled, for thousands of years,to overcome.

A chosen 'elite' (ruling) "governing' the uninitiated is Roots Oppression. "High Hippie Holy elders" ruling the Gathering, is wholly unacceptable to me. I am a Faith-based anarchist, in Jesus Christ, and accept none of this as my practice. Each to their own.

In all ways, the government's insistance that i belong to this 'religious group" and to ticket me as one of the "focalizers", placing me with Michael John is intolerable, and violates my faith and nature-born. it violates, to the core, each and every one of my inalienable rights. yeah, i think it has "weight" and MUST be dealt with... question is how?

all this is my personal opinion, of course.
Barry, plunker, montana

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