Media Coverage

This section is articles from various newspapers I've collected off the net. Many thanks to those that typed or scaned these in. It's important to realize that many in the media have great difficulty explaining the Gatherings to their readers, and many seem to have a very negative impression of the Gatherings. At the best,. most of these are slanted, and not very objective. Still, these are interesting and amusing. A personal favorite is the article about the Vermont Gathering

For a more "Rainbow Centric" viewpoint, see this collection of regional newsletters that get published around the world.

TV Transcripts

Misc coverage

1997 - Second Oregon Gathering

1996 Ozark Gathering

1996 Osceola, FL Regional

This is the regional where the Federal Goverment filed suit against the "Rainbow Family" for breaking the new group use regulations. For info on the group use regulations that effectively make Rainbow Gathering illegal, see this page

1995 - Second New Mexico Gathering

1994 Wyoming Gathering

1992 Colorado Gathering

1991 Vermont Gathering

1988 - Texas Gathering


1985 - First Missouri Gathering

1983 - Michigan Gathering

1981 - Oregon Gathering

1977 - First New Mexico Gathering

1972 - The First Rainbow Gathering, Ever (in Colorado)

International Gatherings