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At 09:51 PM 3/26/96 GMT, Kate wrote:
sorry if you get a lot of postings like this ignore if you do. I have lurked on alt.gathering.rainbow, and have gathered that it's some sort of thing for people who all seem very happy could anyone explain? i could do with some rainbows

At 03:48 PM 3/28/96 -0500, Blue wrote: I was wondering if you could tell me about your gatherings and the stuff you guys do.

%%%Howdy Folks:)

Recent increase in inquiries about Rainbow got me to digging for something that might help a little. For the folks that are new it is Important to note that No One Individual Speaks for the whole. It be impossible to do and at that point would no longer be Rainbow. Ask anyone individual and you will get as many different answers as people you ask. I would recommend folks visit the web site where you can read about the family hipstory/origins and evolution complete with a glossary and bibliography. Below is one of my favorite books from the list. Wish I had the story of the Rainbow Warrior to include here.......but I'll bet one of our kind brothers or sisters can find it and share it with us.

by Alberto Ruz Buenfil, 1945-
Copyright @ 1991 by Alberto Ruz Buenfil

There is No such thing as a typical Rainbow, the way there is no Typical band of color in a rainbow. I like to relate it as a microcosm of society, with all the inherent beauty of a rainbow in the sky. Of course there will be elements many are able to relate to and some that folks don't care for at all. The same that you find world over. Below is something authored I believe originally by the Great Lakes Family and has been adapted for use locally over the years.

Even this is an independent work by a group of individuals passed on over time and I don't think has ever been consensed on by the main Tribunal Council. Anything that gets done by Rainbow is through voluntary efforts of individuals. It could be one person today and someone different the next. There are many who provide their particular talents and energies in a loving way, whether it's working a parking lot, maintaining a web site, entertaining children, digging latrines or caring for the sick. That is the beauty of it all and the spirit moves through them, as they work collectively to make something happen.

It has been rewarding to watch children at gatherings from year to year as they grow up learning how to be independent, while at the same time understanding our interdependence on each other and the planet. Seeing them learn to appreciate and respect each other, no matter what the differences in race or religion might be has been wonderful.

Of course most of these opinions are mine except for documented authors and I can only speak for myself, not the family at large. So in my humble opinion the following is offered to help answer SOME of these questions.

So without further adooooooo......for your reading enjoyment..



Some Questions and Answers about Rainbow

What does a Rainbow do?

We join together (preferably in a natural setting) to renew our commitment to a better way of life, to be closer to the Earth, and to share Love & Joy with one another.

What Is the National (Annual) Gathering?

Once a year, around the 4th of July, we gather on public land to Pray for Peace and Celebrate Life. This has occurred annually for the past twenty four years, and people from all around the world have participated.

What Is a Regional Gathering?

Regional Rainbow Gatherings are held in many places around the country (and the world) throughout the year. They are usually held in areas near a local Rainbow Family Circle (such as: Ozarks, OM Valley, Cumberland, Great Lakes, Mid-Atlantic, Katuah, NY, TX, and So. Cal.)

What does a Local Circle do?

Those who live in or near a town where a Rainbow Tribe is active will sometimes agree to meet at a certain place for picnics, councils, or whatever.

How do we do It?

Donations; the resources and work which are necessary to make it all happen come from individuals through kind offerings and energy. Without each other, it just would not happen. Participation is the Key. The money we need to buy food, medical supplies, postage, photocopies, etc,. comes from two main sources: the Magic Hat (direct donations on site) and Rainbow Benefits.

Who Is a Rainbow? (anyone with a belly button:^)

Anyone who wants to be, we come from all walks, of life and adhere to a variety of beliefs. We aspire to be a Loving and Caring people toward one another and all the varied hues of our Mother Earth. To that end. we practise non-violence and peace activism, ecologically sound ways of living and respect for all beings, and ways of life. Some folks come to Rainbow for a chance to feel the Living Spirit, some for the fun of it, some for a chance to see those they Love. Most gather for a mixture of these reasons. We laugh, sing, play musical instru- ments, and share our experiences & dreams in our heartsongs. We strive to better ourselves and explore alternative life-styles, medicine, and ways to solve problems. We experience cooperative living. Sometimes we even seem to work a miracle. There are no leaders. Individuals (known as "Focalizers") try to facilitate the consensus of the, Rainbow Tribes on a local and/or national level. We circle for our meals, and councils because we are all equal. Decisions regarding a local family are made by consensus, wherever the need arises. Like at a regional picnic or council. Decision regarding the Rainbow Family of Living Light can only be made on the land, at the main tribunal council, from July 1-7th each year during the Gathering of the Tribes.

For more info visit the web site:

open the URL:

or use a search engine like Yahoo, Web Crawler or Alta Vista and type in Rainbow Family of Living Light for the search

You may want to subscribe to the newsgroup alt.gathering.rainbow (makes it easier to get it in email) ****send email to:, no subject is required and the body of the message should read: Subscribe gathering and your email address

%%Howdy Dave,

It was nice of you to share this with the newsgroup. Guess you must be looking for feedback on your work in progress.)

At 03:17 PM 4/19/96, you wrote:
>An Unofficial Rainbow Quasi-FAQ
>04/19/96 - North American Version
> Following is information on the Rainbow Family of Living Light and
> pointers on getting more information. This is a work in progress.
> Thanks to all on who have provided info.

%%This statement somehow doesn't ring true......yea I guess it's hairsplitting/semantics time, but what the heck!!!Let's go for it.

Possibly another wording of this might be more accurate.

Maybe "rainbow related info" would be more accurate than "Rainbow Family of Living Light.

Reason #1-there really isn't anything in your FAQ about the Rainbow Family of Living Light, but more on rainbow related interests.

#2-See Spring Council Consensus 1996


> Obligatory Disclaimer: I do not speak for Rainbow; I speak only for
> myself. Misuse if this info is bad karma.

%%Glad to see you've got a disclaimer in place:)

> The Rainbow Guide (Note that the Wisconsin address
> P.O. Box 29446 is no longer valid.)
> St Louis, MO 63126-7446
> The directory of participants and supporters of the Rainbow
> Gathering of the Tribes. The names and addresses in it are
> freely submitted and distributed for our family's benefit.
> It is always free for those who need it to be. However, if you
> can send a contribution, every little bit helps. New Issue comes
> out at the National in July.

%%Possibly this could be worded as, "A directory of folks wishing to be listed in the Rainbow Guide."

Reason #1-All folks listed in the guide are not necessarily participants or supporters of the Gathering of the Tribes.

#2-It might lead someone lead to think that there is a suiable class in the guide. Or worse yet, they might think it's an organization.


> Normal camping stuff (this varies depending on "how" you camp):
> Sleeping bag/hammock, blanket, tent/tarp, toilet paper/paper towels.
> Check the weather: rain gear, appropriate clothes, etc...

%%Would add to this list believe it or not, ~flashlight with fresh batteries and extra batteries~.

> PLATE and CUP or BOWL: this will be your food dish. You
> will eat out of it so this is VERY IMPORTANT. Bring a spoon as well.

%%Would suggest this be worded more traditionally to CUP-BOWL-SPOON.

Reason #1-It has a nice ring to it:^)[joking]....however, these are simple words in a simple order making it easy to remember.

#2-If you remember nothing else But the Cup, you can get by. However, it's hard to drink water or eat soup from a plate.


> Biodegradeable soaps and stuff.

%%Stuff might include: bug repellant, sun screen, small personal first aid kit and any personal medicine's.


> WATER, WATER, WATER, and more WATER: Drinkable water is a very
> precious comodity. If you can, hike some in... or bring some to the lot
> and ask for some help to hike it you will make many people happy.
> Pretty much all you get to drink at Rainbow gatherings is water coffee
> and tea. If you don't like coffee or tea, you may want to bring
> powdered drink mix (with the sugar already added).
> Sweets (especially chocalate).

%%Now sweets is definetly a personal item, Not Needed or recommended in any other RAP I've come across......In Fact some folks say one should eliminate sugar from your diet altogether before going to the woods. Don't really think anyone should be advising other folks to bring something that is considered harmful to your health.

In fact some folks even consider sugar a DRUG.

> Fruits and Vegetables. Bring extra if you can to donate to the
> kitchens.
> Tools if you can (i.e. knife, axe, saw) There will always be firewood
> that needs cuttin'.
> Musical instruments (non-electrical).
> Poetry

You may want to mention something for those who are unable to leave a pet with a friend. If that is the case then mention of their needs is also important.

%%If pets come along they should bring there own leash, food and little shovel to bury there sh*t with.(small plastic bowl is nice for water) It's not always possible for them to drink from a creek or pond.

>- Things NOT to bring -
> Alcohol: Near the parking area there is a place called "A-camp".
> Rainbow says We love the alcoholic, but not the alcohol."
> Personalities change on alcohol (and hard drugs). Sometimes people
> can't control themselves as well. Therefore you are respectfully asked
> to leave the alcohol in A-camp when you hike in to the main gathering
> space.
> Pets are better left with a friend for the gathering.
> Bad attitudes/negative vibes
> Drugs: Rainbow discourages the ABUSE of any drugs of any kind.
> Radios/booom boxes: Also more welcome in A-camp.
> Guns/weapons: Never really welcomed at a gathering.
> Cameras

%%Cameras is an item I've never seen listed "to leave behind". I think this should be removed from the "leave behind list".

Reason #1-What I have seen listed is to "Ask before taking an individual's picture". Most of the family are hams at heart and love the opportunity to strike a pose for the lens. However, there are MANY who do not wish to be photographed and it's imperative that we respect their wishes.

#2-They come in handy, for documenting situations in a variety of settings.......road blocks, site conditions before and after. ====================================

> Fireworks

%%Thank you for putting fireworks here it's not listed often enough and it is a REAL danger in a primitive setting.

> Please understand that all of these suggestions are "agreed" upon by
> consensus.

%%What consensus are you refering to here? I have to question this statement because I doubt that there has ever been a consensus to bring sugar to a gathering or to not bring a camera. This statement can be really misleading, since these suggestions for an FAQ are yours and you are not speaking for the the Rainbow Family of Living Light.

========================================skip on down to the web info====

> To connect, open the URL (Universal Resource Locator in hacker lingo)
> (for the Rainbow WelcomeHome
> Page)
> The Rainbow WelcomeHome page has a large collection of articles on
> Rainbow Gatherings, photos of various Annual and regional gatherings,

%%Dave, you have Rainbow placed before the WelcomeHome page twice and I don't think you'll see the site listed as *the Rainbow* WelcomeHome page anywhere. In fact there is a hearty disclaimer on the bottom. Worst yet the web site has

come under fire by some folks. As it reads now, might start another round of complaints.

%%It's apparent you've put some real effort into coming up with something informative to those interested and please don't mistake my comments as anything other than an offering of love, to aid in your effort. I won't go into the rationale of *why* wording is so important. Just reviewing the archives of recent postings will explain how important it is, for a number of reasons.

%%I've included something else done along the line of an FAQ, for you to check out. As noted this is not an official anything and is open to council, since it's a work in progress also. Feel free to copy. What I'm sending also is NOT a consensed item from the Rainbow Family of Living Light and definitely subject to change. I've been working on it for a while off and on. For those that have seen it in the past, excuse the repitition. For others who wish to comment on it, your feedback is welcome and appreciated.............................peace,Dragonfly ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^