"true' hipstory --
i was walking toward the Silence of Peace Circle, July 4th, 1992...

i starting walking with this guy who was muttering he was "Satan" and he was "there to be really there"... and kinda muttering and at times, getting sorta loud, and moving toward the Silence... so I am walking along, talking over things with this "Satan" and up comes this guy in a white robe, long-hair, sandals, and i sees him and i says "why you look like jesus"... and the guy says, "i am jesus christ"... and i look at this guy Satan and he sorta looks at me and then the guy in the white robe says... "really, i'll show you" and he whips out a california driver's license made out to Jesus Christ, with this guy's picture on it.

I looks at the two of them and it comes to me to say, "you two guys are like signposts, i know i am right where i am supposed to be, right here on Earth, on the Tao, on the path, between heaven and hell"... we all smiled... and then i walked on and "Satan' got sorta real quiet-like and after awhile, i walked on to the Silence>>

many years ago I chanced to meet Anton Levay (sp) High priest of the Satanic Church of San Francisco... he asked me "what do you think of me?" and i looks at him, and i says, "well, seems to me you are coming in the back door while other folks are coming in the front." (introduction by E. Everett Horton, San Francisco, 1969), after a while you realize, Satori - many doors.

barry, plunker, montana
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