Southern California Rainbows of Living Light (SCROLL) Council Minutes - March 24, 1996

Council on the Land @ Spring Regional Gathering

These minutes were taken and typed by Karin Zirk


Discussed was the importance of writing down our ideas of what was good/bad about this gathering and ideas for next time. One idea presented was to ask people to write down their ideas about the area(s) they were especially involved with. Everyone present agreed that we need to get more individuals involved in focalizing various aspects of the gathering. We agreed that keeping a strong and positive front gate is a priority.

Dan Farkas suggest we have a Rainbow Focalizer 101 weekend camp out to share ideas, brainstorm, and give individual support to people who would like to be more active but feel they need more knowledge.

In the past, the Northwest Tribes Family has used a large drum (35 or 50 gallon) as a Magic Hat. While it has proven successful in terms of obtaining donations, it has also been susceptible to theft. The idea was put forth to try doing a drum at our next gathering, with the idea that it would be located at Info and supervised at all times. The money would be emptied periodically by the banking council, counted, recorded and turned over to the bank for safe keeping.


As the SCROLL family is currently in possession of a large quantity of equipment for gatherings (pots, water barrels, etc.), we discussed the importance of storage in between events. Also discussed was the importance of equipment being kept in a secure location at any gathering until the area designated to utilize it is ready to receive it. At this gathering, some items that went out for general use, were not returned. To the best of our knowledge, everything that went to a specified area came back to the SCROLL family.


In response to the above noted discussion, Merlin offered to buy the SCROLL family a utility trailer (up to $500). The trailer would be used to store equipment in between events and at event sites. We decided we needed a locking trailer. John Buffalo promised to help locate an appropriate trailer. Bill will price trailers in the Yuma area as it was generally felt that prices are lower.

Kimmel Solway offered off street parking for the utility trailer as long as it doesn't need to be accessed frequently. Jai Pickard offered to register the trailer in his name. John Buffalo offered to pay the first year's registration fees. (Dan Farkas has promised to buy SCROLL an 18 wheeler when he makes the cover of Forbes Magazine.)


We used the new SCROLL 35 gallon barrels for hauling water. The primary drawback was the difficulty of moving the barrels when full. John Buffalo has an idea for making water barrel harnesses to facilitate this in the future.


Some ideas from the kitchen crew. Our gatherings are getting too big for 1 kitchen. We discussed the benefits to having all kitchens including tea, coffee, popcorn, etc. located in one location. This would facilitate distribution of supplies, water, equipment, and also maintain a more focused, more community oriented energy for the gathering as a whole.

Specifics mentioned included the need for more food quality buckets, 2 commercial propane stoves (each with 2 burners) {the one we borrowed this year may not be available next year}, a large wok, more cutting boards, more cooks.

Sanjay Kumar was mentioned as a possible connection for some of the above as he works at a warehouse.


We all agree we need more tarps and more poles (metal or wood). Tarps should be able to withstand rain in case of mountain gatherings, and provide shade for desert gatherings. Camouflage netting is especially helpful for shade as it allows the air to circulate. Old parachutes were mentioned as a source of tarp material. We also need bungee cords and heavy rope for shelter construction.


SCROLL will do a popcorn kitchen at the Annual Gathering of the Tribes in 1996. The kitchen equipment will be brought and the focus of the kitchen will be allowed to grow as people wish.

Fire Watch:

We agreed that SCROLL needs to have a real fire watch because there were an excessive amount of personal fires for this site. Most of the personal fires ended up burning desert wood, which we had previously agreed not to burn. We came up with the idea of having groups of roving people to do fire watch and share knowledge about Rainbow in general, and health and safety issues. Shitters: We agreed that SCROLL needs to have a real shitter crew that keeps an eye on the shitters to ensure they are being designed in a sanitary manner.


SCROLL will not do another gathering at this year's site for at least 10 years.


Ideas for next year's gathering were discussed. Karin said she was committed to scouting for a site in the Sierra's, preferable in Sequoia National Forest with the dream of doing an all California Gathering. Dates for next year's gathering were not discussed at this time. Dates will be subject to council decision when we meet to discuss potential sites. (editors comment: Anyone who is interested in scouting should do so before Site Council and bring photos, maps, and details on water and parking).


SCROLL will have a Scout/Site Council in December 1996.


We thought it best to combine the Scout/Site Selection Council with the Rainbow Focalizer 101 weekend camp.

PS: Tentative dates of December 7th & 8th have since been set. Location will be determined. If anyone is planning on coming from outside Southern California, please let us know so we can pick a site which will be convenient for most people.

Bank Update:

This was not discussed at this council, but the Bank thought you might like to have the numbers. The SCROLL Family took in $715 at the Spring Regional and spent $438 on the site. We spent approximately $350 on postage for the mailing and now have almost $400 left. Current expenses include $51 every three months for the voice mail number.

Ideas for 1997 SCROLL Gathering Collected during Clean Up @1996 SCROLL Gathering

These ideas were presented at an informal discussion during clean up. Please, if you weren't there and you have any ideas at all, please send them to SCROLL in writing so they can be included them on the agenda for the December 1996 Council. We are trying to keep everyone's ideas written down so that we can learn from our past experiences and share our collective knowledge. These are suggestions only. Please share these ideas and the Council Minutes with everyone in your area so we can get dialogues going.

The Kitchen was 100% better than in previous years. Overall people felt our family has made huge improvements in the togetherness of our regional gathering since 1995. We would like to continue this trend next year.

Have the Fire Crew bury fire pits at dawn on the first day of clean up (before breakfast circle). This will avoid fire pits being closed up in a non-environmentally appropriate manner.

Kiddie Village--Needs to happen next year. Very important. We need 2 or 3 people with children to focalize this. Labor can be provided, but vision must be focused. The area should have an open area for playing surrounded by space for personal tents and campsites.

Set up the physical Kid Village during Seed Camp with a toddler corral/fence.

Serenity Ridge--Substance free space with a fire pit for socializing and meetings. We felt it was important to make it happen next year.

Hand washing stations with foot pedal design should be constructed.

Foot pedal rinse (#3) for dish washing station.

Lost & Found should be guarded 24/7 and stuff like T-shirt and socks should go into free pile sooner than we've been doing it (which has been the last day of official cleanup)

Better signage to site.

Improved communications (the radio we had in the site did not transmit to the radio at Welcome Home/Front Gate which worked great--it was running off a 12 volt solar charged battery.

More tiki torches to light paths, dish washing stations, and other areas which get heavy use after dark.

A Registered Nurse for CALM

Daily Co-Operations Council @ Info/CALM and/or @ Welcome Home/Front Gate.

A Shanti Sena Crew camped together in a central location (near Info?)

Map of the site at Welcome Home/Front Gate.

Crews of people roaming to share knowledge during the day on everything from Fires, Sanitation, and Kitchens to personal experiences and ???

Let people know where they can put their donations to the Magic Hat.

Get knowledge about springs and water filters.

Every Regional should have a scared space with silence observed one morning.

Bigger kitchen with tea/coffee sub kitchens.

Clearly marked and identified Vegan and Vegetarian cuisine. Balanced meals for both Vegans & Vegetarians. Bulk of food be prepared Vegan.

More emphasis on food at meals and more food served at circle.

Dinner circle called at least two hours before dark so we can eat and talk during daylight.

Have food for first 2Dž days when we arrive for seed camp.

Cooperative parking lot kitchen. Perhaps the Seed Camp kitchen could be located adjacent to Welcome Home/Front Gate. Then during the actual gathering, this kitchen would only serves beverages and fruit/snacks. On the first day of clean up it would resume its function as a full kitchen. There are many people who feel the parking lot should not have a full kitchen during the gathering as it encourages people to stay in the parking lot.

Dish Washing and Recycling Stations set up in Main Meadow (maybe 2?).

Have basic kitchen rules posted.

Make signs before we get to Gathering. And have signs available on first day of Seed Camp.

Solar powered refrigerator for kitchen.

More vegetables.

Bring red or orange plastic --caution-- tape in bulk for marking shitters, sensitive areas and paths.

Kimmel and Karin have an idea for a solar powered water filtering station.

Offer A-Camp ice cold soda to discourage them from drinking beer.

Pack it in/Pack it out. Give each car a trash bag when they arrive and ask them to take everything they brought home with them.

Dinner and breakfast circles should be for sharing fun stuff (music, poetry, dreams, hugs, etc.) not for boring raps on practical issues.

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