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November 1995

Howdy!Most of this mailing is oriented towards the new Forest Service regulations, but first other news. Cleanup in New Mexico was finished in early August and the Forest Service was satisfied and promised a letter stating cleanup was done. Thanksgiving council will be in eastern Oklahoma, but a site hasn't been announced yet. Also for those folks that didn't hear, Vision Council consented on the Ozarks for the1996 Annual Gathering.

Contained in this mailing is a copy of the new Federal regulations against the gathering, and two comment letters about the new regulations. Also there is a calendar of events for the rest of 1995 &1996.

Fund Raising Projects

There are two fund raising projects. One is for more of the Katadyn water filters that saw heavy use in New Mexico. These filter about a gallon a minute, and seem to be the best compromise between cost, maintenance and ease of use. We can buy them at wholesale prices.

Another fund raising project is to raise money to improve our internal communications for CALM and Shanti-Sena. We currently use CB's, which suffer from skip, radio noise, and have a short range. The idea is to make use of the newer GMRS radios as they are almost as cheap as CB's, and don't require any special licensing like a Ham radio does. The experiments we tried this year gave us the only good radio connection between Bus Village and CALM. Our ability to communicate is important for emergencies like forest fires and medical evacuations.

All donations can be sent to:

Stuart Watts
4105 South First St.
Austin, TX 78745,

New Forest Service Regulations

The Federal Government has finally published the "Group Use" regulations (attached). These basically require a permit for any gathering larger than 75 people on National Forest land. Along with the regulation, there was a huge, multi-page comment section. In that section, the Forest Service answers all the questions and comment they received during the comment period. Their reasoning for why these regulations are necessary is interesting reading. You can go to "Federal Repository" library and see the full text in the Federal Register, (pages 45258-45295, CFR 36 sec 251&261) or contact the FQM crew and we'll try to mail a copy. It's about 50 pages, and we can supply it on floppy disk (Mac or IBM format) too, As to what we can do about the regulations, a good suggestion is to contact your congressional representative and ask for a copy of the regulations, and talk to them about your concerns. It seems the best thing we can do now is council, and read the regulations together, with each clan and region figuring out what they can do best to overturn the regulations. These regulations violate our constitutional rights to gather on private land!

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Rainbow Guide Update

Thanks to all who contributed time, art, photos & green energy to the Rainbow Guide in 1995! Volunteers are already working on the next edition, due out by the end of the year. This first edition of the 1996 Guide will contain all new names & addresses, heartsongs & information. A second edition of the '96 Guide is due out next June, with more names, essays, photos, visions, mini-manual, & whatever we have the room to include! Comments, artwork, photos, essays are welcome, & we'll try to answer letters.

Remember - if your name is listed in the 1995 Rainbow Guide, it won't be included in the next edition, unless we receive another card or letter from you. We throw all the old names away & start over! Why? Because Rainbow folks move around more than any other group of people, & after a year, at least half the addresses have expired.

The Rainbow Guide is FREE! Funding comes from voluntary contributions. We encourage everyone who can afford to help the Rainbow Guide to send $4 along with their entry. Our bank books are open to anyone who wants to look at them, at Info at the Annual Rainbow Gathering, July 1 -7. Sorry, we can't print entries that include any advertising or sales pitches.

Focalizers: Please write "Focalizer" on the top of your card in big bold letters in order to be included in the Focalizer section. Try to print clearly! Keep in mind that a data entry love slave may be typing at midnight in a state of red-eyed semi-exhaustion.

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