1997 Thanksgiving Council Notes

Howdy, Folks...

HERE THEY ARE...the long awaited Minutes from November....

Circles and drumming, eating and humming, full of light and peace, rainbows enlightened, energy heightened, praying and seeking release, one and all have come to join forces and make the 1998 gathering the best it can be. you come too.

Following a Thankgiving dinner of more than 250 people, the Thanksgiving Council of the Rainbow Family of Living Light met at High Creek, Arizona on Friday - Sunday, November 28-30, 1997 with over 200 folks in the actual council. It was really exciting to see so many people who are interested in seeing that our gatherings are a success being together so early in the year, and even more exciting is the high proportion of "newbies" becoming involved. WELCOME HOME ONE AND ALL. We began with a call for agenda items and set our priorities for the business section of our weekend.

We, the family on the land for the Thanksgiving Council of the Rainbow Family of Living Light, have reached consensus on the following:

  1. We reaffirm the SspiritualN nature of the RFOLL's Annual Gathering of the Tribes.
  2. Scout Rendezvous will meet at high noon on Saturday, April 18th, in the parking lot across from Macy's Coffee Shop on Butler St. in Flagstaff.
  3. Be prepared to leave the area by dusk with food, gas, winter clothing, and bedding, etc. -- i.e. be able to take care of yourself! This is NOT A GATHERING, but a time and place for serious (well, you can laugh :)), hard-core scouters to connect and go scouting..

  4. Spring Council will be the first weekend in June. This is where the actual gathering site is consensed upon. Location to be announced.
  5. Consensus on the volunteers for the Mailing/Banking Council until Spring Council was reached.
  6. The snail mail address for the 1998 RFOLL Gathering is...

    RAINBOW '98
    P.O.BOX 44315


  7. We reaffirm that we operate on Community fires and strongly discourage personal fires.
  8. Recognizing that Gathering in Arizona in the summer of 1998 may be a fire hazard, we recommend that those folks focalizing kitchens explore other means of cooking, such as -- solar, propane, camp stoves, methane cogenerators. In other words

  9. We emphasize fire fighting preparedness -- which includes an

emergency response plan with frequent workshops to be site specific and equipment such as buckets, shovels, picks, axes, pulaskis, radios, batteries, etc.

8. Recognizing the fact that there are several people without a belly button due to unforeseen circumstances, we would like to DEFINE A RAINBOW AS ANYONE WITH A HEART.

Many items were agreed upon without a formal consensus being called for, such as:

  1. Continue having MORPHUN.
  2. If you have knowledge, it's useless unless it's shared.
  3. Our villaage is where people are caring, sharing, and daring to be themselves.
  4. Sustainability is a key word for our future.
  5. Listen to the young children.
  6. Recreation through re-creation.
  7. Let prayer and praise direct our ways.
  8. 3/4 " and 1" black and white pipe fittings are always welcome.
  9. Water is an extremely important focus, and Val will not be focalizing it this year. It is extremely important for some responsible folks to tune into this one.
  10. Portasans for closest towns are a high priority.
  11. Local wholesale food warehouses have already been contacted for possible delivery to the site.
  12. Many more workshops -- especially cross-generational sharing.
  13. Himmel Park in Tucson, S of Speedway from 3pm on till dusk on Sundays is a place to meet with others.
  14. All California Regional seed camp is May 18th, gathering May 20-25 with cleanup till the 30th. editors note: these dates are a little wrong. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site.
  15. Homelands will be gathering July 23 to August 22, 1998 (from new moon to new moon) in the 4 corners region. Site will be announced.
  16. Rainbow Guide, PO Box 3937, Costa Mesa, Ca, 92628.
  17. Allways Free is at 1512 Seventh Ave, Lewiston, ID, 83501. There's a phone (208-743-9411, please don't call before 11 a.m. as he works nights and needs his sleep) and e-mail: mcrater@lewiston.com

Consciousness was drawn to several potential difficulties with being in Arizona, such as the shitters, fire and water difficulties, as well as a more volatile political scene.

The style of the shitters from last year was appreciated by all who used them, however, the folks who had to disappear them during cleanup had a heck of a time filling in the 5' holes and having to dig under the boxes to remove the support logs. More analysis on satisfying both factions is forthcoming. Also pack rats and hanta virus are real problems in this area. Methane converters are being researched and we should have several on site. Child sized ones would be greatly appreciated.

Water is obviously a big issue and the potential for needing to purchase water is high. Scouts will be looking throughout the winter for sites with water, though winter and summer water in Az are very different. If you have large, portable water carriers, this will probably be a year they can be used. Heavy duty water filters are always appreciated.

We might have a fire ban in the state if there is not enough water , so we are really stressing alternate cooking options as well as education about fire-fighting. (yes, i know it is was a consensus, but it's just so important!)

Be aware of the political situation in Arizona. It is not as open and accepting as Oregon. Read up on what is happening at regionals and be prepared. Keep tuned in to alt.gathering.rainbow or www.welcomehome.org for up to the minute information on road blocks, hassles, and other difficulties.

Share your hearts, your words, your heartsongs, your concern, your knowledge, your food, your smiles, your praise, your prayers, your love, your eye contact, your songs, yourself, your positive outlook, youre willingness to make this gathering be one that is healthy, holy and humungously fun.

Respectfully submitted by the messenger, susan, with love