Rainbow Family Thanksgiving Council

Rainbow Farm - Drain, Oregon

November 1996



Consensus #1: Thanksgiving Council affirms the spiritual nature of the gathering.

Consensus #2: Contact address (office) for the upcoming gathering…

Consensus #3: An Office crew was established to respond to Rainbow '97 mail and help focus early preparations for the gathering.

Consensus #4: An interim banking council was established.

Consensus #5: Have more fun.

Consensus #6: Scout rendezvous date - May 1

Consensus #7: Spring Council date: the weekend of June 6.

Consensus #8: The site of Spring Council '97 will be determined and announced by the office in communication with the scouts and others.

Consensus #9: Seed Camp begins on the day that we move onto the site of the '97 gathering. Any early encampments are self-supporting. We encourage our brothers and sisters who arrive early in preparation for the gathering to take care of each other and the land in the spirit of the Rainbow vision.

Consensus #10: Thanksgiving Council re-affirms the non-commercial nature of the ENTIRE Gathering. We ask that people not buy, sell, or profit in any way, especially from our sacraments. We support giving and sharing from our hearts.


Heartsongs, Visions, and Other Matters

Short Heartsongs (these generated a lot of "HO!s" but not much discussion)