Gypsy Cafe

Gypsy Cafe has been a main circle kitchen at numerous main gatherings. It is an ecclectic group of rainbow family who have pagan backgrounds. We have encouraged pagan camps around our kitchen; and have sponsored drum circles associated with our camp. Gypsy Cafe has led pagan rituals such as weddings, and seasonal festivals. We are open to all people of good intent and open hearts. We have a core group of Romany Gypsies of the British/Irish isles tradition. This group speaks Romanichal; which is a dialect of gypsy often referred to as tinker. Hence, some signs in this camp are in Gypsy language. Dancing, singing, musicians, drumming, and storytelling (the Swatura ando puro jibben), the history of the Romany people in the old tongue can be heard in this camp. We are friends of Wicca and many members of the old religion are in our camp. Those who wish to come work or eat with us are welcome. Kosko Drom! Happy trails!