Alt.gathering.rainbow Archives

This is the archives of the alt.gathering.rainbow newsgroup and mailing list. This list initally was started on PeaceNet (IGC) in April of 1989 by Peter Pfraterdeus and was called awf.rainbownews, which stood for All Ways Free Rainbow News. In the spring of 1992 the list was opened up to non-PeaceNet subscribers, and the newsgroup was created as an alternative way of opening up our discussions to the world.

For all this time PeaceNet has maintained the list for free, and finally on Sept. 29, 1995 the list was moved to so we could maintain it ourseleves. Many thanks to PeaceNet ( for their support over all these years.

The archives

These are the archives for awf.rainbownews and alt.gathering.rainbow. Google has a nearly complete searchable archive starting in mid 1993, so we use their site for the more recent stuff. The archives here are what's not on Google.

You can read the most recent posts at this link.